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Prayer requests will be posted here as they are made available.  Please get in an attitude of prayer to help those in need.

Updated 7-15-03

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Parentheses indicate what type of prayer request is being made. 

Encouragement (E), Healing (H), Intercession (I),  Pastoral (P) or Other (O)


(I) Debra, a financial miracle

(O) Healing for Gerry's daughter-in-law

(H) Anne's friend's daughter who has HIV

(I) For Helene's husband, that he would be able to move home soon

(H) For Mary's husband who may have cancer

(O) For "CNP" to be healed spiritually, emotionally, and physically

(E) For anonymous and financial aid for them to pay for college

(H) For Dinah and her losing vision in her left eye

(H) For Kaylynn and her stomach problems

(E) For Mary and her missing pet "Missy"

(E) For Michelle's son who is depressed over a girl

(H) For Paul who has chronic back pain

(O) For anonymous and her financial trouble dealing with gum disease

(O) For Cornelius and his salvation

(H) For Anne's boyfriend who is addicted to pornography

(H) For Chuck who is an alcoholic

(I) For anonymous and her family who is falling apart

(E) For Toby and his financial trouble

(H) For Debi amd her depression

(I) For anonymous and her family

(I) For anonymous and her family to be able to find a home closer to their family

(E) Employment: For Shibu that he find a job in Houston

(E) For anonymous and his pursuit of happiness

(I) For anonymous and the mental health of their sister and mother

(I) For anonymous that their family gets the money to save their cars and home

(H) For anonymous and her inability to drive due to knee and ankle difficulties

(H) For Joy and her brain tumor surgery

(H) For Calvin's cousin who is very ill

(O) For forgiveness of anonymous on her abortion

(E) For Amanda's friend who is considering suicide.

(H) For Tami and her advanced breast cancer, and for her family

(H) For anonymous' cancer

(I) For anonymous' love life.  Pray that God brings them their match!

(H) For anonymous' son.  He is an alcoholic

(E) For anonymous.  She needs to be in a place where she can feel God's presence, also for her sickness and tiredness.

(I) For Trent who is running away from God

(I) For Mitch's ex-wife, that she comes to know Jesus

(I) For Susan and her family.  They are having marital problems

(I) That George be saved

(H) For George who has a blood clot in his head, and for his family

(I)  That Linda, Anthony and Celecia repent of their lack of integrity in business

(I) For Jay, Sandy, and Carrie and their relationship

(H) for baby Anna who was born with severe organ damage, and for her parents.

(I) For anonymous' friend who needs salvation.  He is in danger.  Also, for anonymous' encouragement to deal with this situation. 

(E) For the A-Team Intercessory Prayer Team

(E) For Christine, Tara, & Makali Severance so that they must trust Jesus

(I) For the Michael David Howard family.  He is addicted to drugs.

(E) For anonymous that they will be able to find a suitable new house and be able to move-in by June 1st.

(H) For Joy and the pain in her legs and hips

(O) For anonymous in getting fired.  Pray that he will be able to find a new job soon.  If he cannot find a job soon, he will be forced to go back to his old country -- a place where Christians are persecuted

(H) For anonymous and  her unhealed knee.  She is also very depressed.  Please also pray for her boyfriend so that he might be able to find a local job so that they can be together.  Pray that God would encourage her and carry her through this.

(I) For Christine and her fiancé.  He was arrested and she can't afford the bills.

(I) For anonymous and his working condition.  He is being threatened by a co-worker.

(I)  For Walt who fears that he is falling away from Jesus

(H)  For Matt and his gambling problem, and his depression and financial situation as a result of it.

(E)  For Maria and her living condition

(O) For anonymous, for his mother's sickness, his living condition, his car situation,  

(H) For Frank Puleo who is very sick, and for his 10 year old daughter who has brain cancer.

(H) Heather's mother-in-law has tumors in her liver.  Pray that God would be with her and her family.

(O)  Protection:  Pray that God would protect Margie from all evils of this world and of Satan and his followers.

(I)  Pray for Mr. Jacobs and his wife.  She is lost and needs Christ more than ever in her life right now.  Pray that God would ease Mr. Jacob's pain.  Pray that God's will would be done.

(E)  Please pray for continued encouragement of our new brother Samuel.  Also pray that he will be able to return to the States soon to be with his wife.

(E) Please pray for encouragement of Cheryl and her family as they are forced out of their home.

(O) Please pray that God's will would be done in the circumstance of one of our brothers and sisters who face getting laid-off from their jobs.

(O)  Please pray that one of our sisters would be successful in her attempt to quit smoking.

(O) Please pray that James and Jennifer would find their way back together.

(H) Please pray that Bonnie would be healed of her heartache. 

 (E) Please pray for the salvation of the pop star singer Marilyn Manson.

(E) Please pray for the unsaved minister at Marie's grandparents' church.

(E) Please pray for Marie's friends and brother that do not know Jesus in their lives.



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